Pre-audit Questionnaire
To some questions below, you might not have eloquently expressed answers to, so please feel free to use so called layman's terms.

Name *
This describes the role of your organisation and summarises why you are in business – it drives all your actions.
This describes what your customers will experience at every brand touchpoint – it is the benchmark for everything your brand activities deliver.
These describe your operational standards and state of mind – you apply these principles to everything you do.
These qualities underpin the experiences you create for your customers – the criteria against which all your communications and behaviours should be measured.
(Masterbrand, Sub-brands/Venues, Programmes and Events)
If yes, through what touchpoints?
And if yes, how do you acknowledge this input from your customers?
(for e.g. venues, websites, marketing/advertising campaigns, printed/digital literature, social media etc)
If yes, how do you communicate this to your audience?